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What is Workers’ Compensation?

In Connecticut, Workers’ Compensation provides benefits and covers the cost of medical expenses for employees who have gotten injured or become ill due to circumstances arising out of the course of their employment. Most employees—including part-time and full-time—are covered.

How Much Does Workers’ Compensation Pay?

Workers’ Compensation benefits are based on your average weekly wages after taxes and Social Security up to 52 weeks prior to the injury or illness. Your Workers’ Compensation benefits will vary depending on the type of benefits for which you qualify.

What is the Workers’ Compensation Statute of Limitations?

In Connecticut, the statute of limitations—the time limit in which to file a claim—for Workers’ Compensation benefits is explained in detail on the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission website.

What is a Workers’ Compensation Appeal?

If you have a disputed Workers’ Compensation case, you may file an appeal with the Workers’ Compensation Commission Review Board (CRB). The CRB is a panel made up of two Workers’ Compensation Commissioners and the Workers’ Compensation Chairman. The CRB may affirm the decision made, reverse the decision, or send your case to the Appellate Court for review.

What Benefits Does Workers’ Compensation Provide?

Depending on the nature and severity of your illnesses or injuries, you may qualify for a variety of Workers’ Compensation benefits. These include:

    • Medical Treatment
    • Temporary Total Disability
    • Temporary Partial Disability
    • Permanent Partial Disability
    • Relapse or Recurrence
    • Discretionary Benefits
    • Job Retraining
    • Rehabilitation Expenses


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