During each stage of a Workers’ Compensation claim, both you and your employer—or their insurer—have certain responsibilities. These responsibilities are defined by the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission and must be met in a timely manner.

  • If You Are Injured or Become Ill

-Your Responsibilities: Report your accident or illness to the Commission, get medical treatment, and file Form 30C.

-Your Employer’s Responsibilities: Provide employee with medical treatment and file the First Report of Injury Form.

  • If You Continue Medical Treatment

-Your Responsibilities: Select an attending physician, accept continued medical treatment, and provide employer with a record of treatment visits.

-Your Employer’s Responsibilities: Provide wage statement to insurer, pay employee’s medical bills, and provide a Cost-of-Living Adjustment or Dependency Allowance.

  • If Your Medical Status Improves

-Your Responsibilities: Request light-duty/restricted work from employer. If no light-duty work is available, search for a new job. If permanently disabled, apply for rehabilitation, retraining, or job placement.

-Your Employer’s Responsibilities: Discontinue benefits by submitting Form 36. If employee has temporary partial disability, begin paying benefits. Continue paying medical bills.

  • If You Reach Maximum Recovery

-Your Responsibilities: If you receive a permanent disability rating, contact the insurer.

-Your Employer’s Responsibilities: Pay permanent disability benefits and request an Employer/Respondent Exam, if necessary.

  • If Your Benefits Cease

-Your Responsibilities: Request an informal hearing for discretionary benefits.

-Your Employer’s Responsibilities: Pay discretionary benefits, if granted. Continue paying employee’s medical bills.

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