Filing a Hospital Negligence Claim? Know What to Do.

Preparing a Strong Case A successful hospital negligence claim requires proof a healthcare provider’s conduct has fallen below the professional standard of care, resulting in permanent harm. If you or a loved one suffered harm due to hospital negligence, the following steps will help you prepare a claim:

  • Record the names of all people involved in your treatment
  • Record the dates of all appointments, visits, and treatments
  • Keep copies of all paperwork received from healthcare providers

Investigating Your Claim

Our legal team will review medical records, document injuries, and recovery, consult medical experts, and evaluate a healthcare provider’s education and history. We will also:

  • Verify A Healthcare Provider’s Credentials: We check all licenses and investigate any prior disciplinary actions against a provider.
  • Evaluate Any Violations of Regulations: Our legal team will evaluate your claim to determine if any regulations have been violated.

Before We File Your Claim

Connecticut law requires us to obtain a Certificate of Good Faith. This written, signed opinion from a qualified healthcare provider states there appears to be evidence of negligence. We have a network of medical experts to help determine if your case has merit.

Time is Limited

In Connecticut, the Statute of Limitations establishes a time limit for an injured victim to file for damages. This is generally two years from the date of injury.

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