Even though modern anesthesia is safer and more effective than ever before, mistakes can still happen. When they do, hospitals may sometimes be named in lawsuits for failing to monitor the anesthesiologists on their staff.

While anesthesia can only be given by anesthesiologists or certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs), errors still occur and the results can sometimes be devastating.

Types of Anesthesia

Anyone who has surgery will likely receive anesthesia. Anesthesia falls into one of three categories:

  • General: Produces a loss of sensation throughout the entire body
  • Regional: Produces a loss of sensation in a specific body region
  • Local: Produces a loss of sensation in only a small body area

Complications from Anesthesia

Serious side effects of anesthesia complications include brain damage, paralysis, nerve injury, and even death. These complications and other mistakes by anesthesiologists or CRNAs often lead to lawsuits regarding:

  • Anesthesia Awareness
  • Esophageal Intubation
  • Failure to Monitor Equipment
  • Failure to Monitor Patient
  • Failure to Complete Assessment
  • Incorrect Anesthetic/Dosage
  • Incorrect Administration
  • Informed Consent Issues
  • Medical Gas Errors
  • Medication Interactions 

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