Melanoma is a form of skin cancer which occurs when there are abnormalities in melanocytes—the cells which produce the skin pigment melanin and protect deeper layers of the skin.

Malignant melanoma is almost always curable if found in its very early stages and comprises a small percentage of all skin cancers. Even so, it is perhaps one of the most dangerous.

Malignant melanoma causes most skin cancer deaths—accounting for more than 75% percent of all skin cancer deaths reported each year.

The Harm of Delayed Diagnosis

A delayed diagnosis of malignant melanoma can be life-threatening. If your doctor or healthcare provider was negligent, you have legal options. Some of the ways your doctor may have been negligent include:

  • Failure to consult a dermatologist for examination
  • Failure to biopsy any questionable mole or growth
  • Failure to biopsy lymph nodes if cancer spread
  • Failure to remove an entire melanoma, leaving malignant cells
  • Mistakes made when classifying a skin tumor
  • Mistakes by pathologists when identifying cancerous tissue

Patients with a delayed or missed diagnosis often do not receive the life-saving treatment they need in adequate time to increase their overall chances for survival.

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