10 Tips to Avoid Problems with Your VA Disability Claim

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After war, almost all veterans suffer from deteriorated physical or mental health. Unfortunately, these heroes may have a difficult time getting simple financial compensation through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Filing a VA claim is a nightmare filled with long lines, lost paper work and waiting…lots of waiting. According to reports, hundreds of thousands of veterans have died before their applications for care were even processed. As a veteran, getting the benefits you deserve should be simple. If you are thinking about filing a VA claim, here are a few tips to help you avoid problems.

1.Accept help in claiming your benefits: Counselors at VA regional offices, lawyers who specialize in veterans affairs and organizations like the VSO can all provide assistance.

2.Read the instructions on the veterans benefits form carefully: When you’re filling out the VA form, make sure you’re writing the correct information. A simple mistake can add months to the processing time.

3.Answer all the questions on the form: Do not leave any questions blank, even if they don’t apply to you. A simple “Unknown” or “Not applicable” will suffice.

4.Include only relevant information when claiming benefits: Don’t include information that has nothing to do with your claim.

5.Use your veterans benefit claim number: When you file a claim for VA benefits, you are issued a claim number. Write this number on all your forms to ensure they get to the right place.

6.Keep the VA informed: If you move or get divorced, contact the VA and update your information.

7.Read VA correspondence carefully: VA correspondence will be packed with important information such as deadlines or additional benefits.

8.Meet deadlines: Speaking of deadlines, always take them seriously. If you fail to respond in the time required, your claim may be denied.

9.Stay organized: Invest in a filing system and keep all your VA papers organized. If a problem occurs, you can easily go back and find the correct papers to start an appeal.

10.Don’t miss appointments: If you miss an appointment for a hearing on your claim, you may not get another chance. If the VA does agree to reschedule, it could delay your benefits for months.

If you’re in the midst of applying for VA benefits, contact our Connecticut veterans disability lawyers at Carter Mario Injury Lawyers. We can help you fill out the correct paperwork, stay organized and remember your deadlines and appointments to improve your chances of receiving benefits.

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