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Ladder Safety Tips to Protect You Against Injury

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This spring, many of us are taking on DIY projects we’ve put off all winter. That often means gutter cleaning, roof repairs, or trimming trees—all of which will require a homeowner to make a trip up a ladder. With this in mind, Carter Mario Injury Lawyers offers safety tips to help avoid a fall—and the serious injuries that can follow.

About the Numbers

At Carter Mario, our personal injury lawyers have seen the catastrophic effects that can result from a fall-related injury. The numbers are troublesome. In 2017 alone, some 36,338 U.S. citizens were killed in accidental falls—either at work or at home—according to the National Safety Council (NSC). That makes falls the third-leading cause of accidental fatalities in the United States.

Step One: Confirm Your Ladder is Safe

To make certain your ladder is safe, follow these tips from the American Ladder Institute:

  • Confirm Your Ladder is Complete: Do not use a ladder that shows any sign of loose joints, missing components, or failed parts under any circumstances.
  • Confirm Your Ladder is the Right Height: The length of the ladder must allow a user to reach their work without standing on the highest rung or top step.
  • Confirm Your Ladder is the Right Size: The Duty Rating of the ladder must exceed the total weight of the user, all their tools, and any supplies carried.

Step Two: Confirm Your Ladder is on a Solid Surface

After confirming your ladder is both safe and adequate, make sure you have a solid foundation on which you can set it. Look for a secure, level, and flat surface that will not shift, flex, or give.

Step Three: Confirm Your Grip is Secure

Wear a tool belt that allows you to keep both hands free, as well as slip-resistant shoes when climbing or descending. Maintain three points of contact on the ladder with hands and feet at all times.

Step Four: Confirm Your Position is Correct

When you climb a ladder, avoid distractions. Face the ladder at all times and steady yourself while working. Changing position or shifting weight can compromise balance, thus leading to a fall.

We Can Help

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