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How does our No Fee Warranty work?

Blog/ Personal Injury/ How does our No Fee Warranty work?
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After an accident or injury, your first concern should be getting better—not whether or not you can afford to hire an experienced lawyer to help protect your rights. That’s why Carter Mario Injury Lawyers offers the No Fee Warranty, a simple promise that you won’t pay us anything upfront to handle your claim, and you won’t owe us any attorney fees unless we get money for you.

Take the Cost of Hiring a Lawyer Out of the Equation

There’s a common misconception among many injury victims that the cost of hiring an experienced lawyer will add to the financial strain of medical bills, time away from work, and vehicle damage repairs.

With our No Fee Warranty, you don’t have to worry about the cost of hiring a lawyer, because we don’t charge for our services unless our attorneys get money for you. And if we win, we promise that you will always get more money than your attorney.

The insurance company has a legal team, what about you?

If your injury is someone else’s fault, whether it is the result of a motor vehicle accident, defective product, or medical malpractice, you deserve fair compensation. But if you’re up against the insurance company, you’re likely dealing with more than just one insurance adjuster. The insurance company has access to powerful legal teams that fight to reduce or deny claims and protect their profits.

With our No Fee Warranty, you can also have a legal team on your side, regardless of your ability to pay upfront. Every client at Carter Mario gets a team of four staff members to build a strong claim and deal with the insurance company on his or her behalf. And if the insurance company doesn’t play fair, we’re prepared to take them to court and fight for maximum results.

Get Carter. Get the No Fee Warranty.

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