Defective Hernia Mesh Lawyers

Hernia mesh is intended to help repair hernias by providing additional support to weakened or damaged tissue. Unfortunately, what is intended to repair often causes new injury, at times even requiring another surgery to remove the mesh. Many hernia mesh products have been defectively designed.

When hernia mesh products fail – causing hardening, contracting, shrinking, or migrating of the implant –  individuals can experience serious or even fatal side effects, such as:

  • Bowel Obstructions
  • Hernia Recurrence
  • Mesh Migration
  • Revision Surgery/Surgeries
  • Pain
  • Seromas (buildup of fluid below the skin)
  • Swelling

Hernia Mesh Products Linked to Injuries

Reports suggest certain types of mesh pose an increased risk of injury to patients. These types of mesh include:

  • Atrium C-Qur: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an injunction to halt manufacturing in 2015.
  • Bard Ventralex ST: This product has been linked to severe allergic reactions and additional adverse effects.
  • Ethicon Physiomesh: Ethicon voluntarily recalled its Physiomesh due to higher-than-normal hernia recurrence.

Additionally, the manufacturers of hernia mesh devices have been promoting these products for use in situations in which they are not necessary (e.g. repairing a smaller hernia, which can be done through laparoscopic surgery).

If you have suffered harm as a result of your hernia mesh implant, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, out of pocket expenses, and pain and suffering. A knowledgeable and experienced Connecticut Defective Product Attorney at Carter Mario can help

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