Rescue Dog Village Guardian, inc

I have known kris for quite a few years. What I knew about her when we first met, is that she was not a person to be content sitting at a chair. Kris has been active for over 35 yrs in the animal welfare and advocacy community.
Kris established her rescue, Rescue dog village Guardian inc, as a project of hers that is dear to her heart. Kris founded and has expanded her rescue to assist not only canines, but felines alike.
These precious animals that have been abused and discarded, have found refuge in her arms, and that of their new families. Most of these animals are a day away from being euthanized, pups, moms, seniors, big and small, kris will not be bias on the animals or their needs.
This donation from your group would serve a great purpose to the communities unwanted animals.

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